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MOOC-Maker in UNAD VI e-Learning Week

Eng. Miguel Morales (Universidad Galileo) was invited to participate as a speaker at the VI International e-Learning Week held from October 05 to 7, 2016 in Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD), Colombia.

The annual conference had as main theme “Building Nation through the digital transformation” and its overall objective was to strengthen the appropriation of E-learning education models, through the identification of the importance of digital culture, actualization and innovation in the academic and research processes.

Eng. Morales presented the topic “Learning in times of MOOCs” during which presented the MOOC-Maker project, sharing with participants the overall project objectives, promoting the different results achieved within the framework of the Project.  He also talked about the recent workshops and conferences held in Colombia in Universidad del Cauca and in Fundación Universitaria Católica del Norte and publicizing the media of the project (website and social networks) where are published the different events in which members have participated promoting the project.

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