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MOOC Maker in the discussion “Let’s talk about MOOC”

On September 29 in Universidad de Medellin, was held the panel discusión “Let’s talk about MOOC” which was organized by the Distance Education Colombian Network in which participated the professors:

  • Sandra Isabel Arango Vásquez, virtual education leader in Universidad de Medellín (Colombia)
  • Martha Elizabeth Londoño Cano, Project Coordinator in Fundación Universitaria Católica del Norte (Colombia)
  • Carlos Alario, postdoctoral researcher in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
  • Miguel Morales, e-Learning Director in Universidad Galileo (Guatemala)

Professors Alario and Morales took advantage of this activity to announce and promote the MOOC Maker project mentioning the importance and the positive impact that 2 of the 9 project partners are colombian universities (Fundación Universitaria Católica del Norte and Universidad del Cauca).

The activity allowed the interaction of the representatives of the different universities of Colombia, Spain and Guatemala who talked about MOOCs generalities, success stories in implementing MOOCs, eMOOCs 2015 conclusions, eMOOCs 2016 promotion, among other topics.

In the discussion panel participated Approx 60 people who at the end of the presentations had the opportunity to solve their doubts in the space of questions and answers with the experts, during which were highlighted the benefits of MOOCs,the institutional challenges and main trends of this methodology.


Eng. Miguel Morales , Universidad Galileo


Carlos Alario PhD, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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