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MOOC How to create a successful MOOC with Open edX

On November 18 at the (Spain) facilities, was inaugurated the “Conference on digital training with open technology” in MOOC format, which had three main objectives:

  1. Report on the importance and potential of MOOCs
  2. Teach the Open edX platform
  3. Show a MOOC created in this platform that explains how to develop this type of courses

Professor Carlos Delgado Ph.D from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid participated in this seminar, during which he informed about the launch of the MetaMOOC “How to create a successful MOOC with Open edX” which was created by UC3M with the support of, the MOOC-Maker project and the UNESCO Chair of “Scalable Digital Education for All”.

The objective of this course is to present the steps to be followed to create a MOOC in the open platform Open edX, it is organized in three parts, corresponding to the three key perspectives in the development of a MOOC: Educational, technical and institutional perspective.

The MOOC is available since November 17, 2016, if you are interested in the management and production of MOOCs, we invite you to register and participate in this practical and dynamic course with the participation and expertise of international teachers. You can register in the course through the following link []

Source: (2016) acoge la Jornada sobre formación digital con tecnología abierta en formato MOOC. Retrieved  December 1, 2016 from

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