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Scaling up learning with cloud-based tools

On January 18,2017 professor Christian Guetl who represents Graz University of Technology, in the MOOC-Maker project; made the presentation of the  topic “scaling up learning with cloud-based tools” at the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

We share you the introduction of his presentation:

Online Learning at Scale – Advantages and Challenges of Cloud-based Tools

Emerging computer-based media and technologies, such as computer games, multi-platform mobile devices as well as web-based services and social media, have changed the way we communicate, interact, find, and process knowledge. Mark Prensky defined this generation, born and grown up in the digital age as ‘digital natives’ who utilize computers and are used to access information virtually at all times and from anywhere.

Consequently, the landscape of education is also shifting as the expectations of modern students move towards increased integration of digital technology in their learning environments. As part of the European research project MOOC Maker we research the application of cloud-based tools for learning in various settings. This talk introduces the potential of using cloud-based tools for e-education, gives a categorization of cloud-based tools in the context of learning and teaching support, but also discusses challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, it introduces the idea and solution of remixing cloud based tools highlights experiences from practical experiences.

Christian Guetl

Professor Christian Guetl presenting the topic „Online Learning at Scale – Advantages and Challenges of Cloud-based Tools“

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