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Seminar “Learning outside the box”

On January 31st, Cátedra Unesco organized the seminar “Learning outside the box” it was held at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.

Professor Mar Pérez PhD who represents Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in the MOOC-Maker Project participated as speaker presenting the topic “How do people self-regulate in the online learning enviornments of the 21st Century”

It´s shared the introduction of the presentation :

We are living a time of continuous change. In an increasingly globalized world, changing jobs, and even country is part of the daily life of many people. Today, working in interdisciplinary groups and in a variety of contexts, from online to face to face, is very common. Given these circumstances, today’s workers need to continually learn and be flexible in order to adapt successfully to change. In this context, having the skills that allow you to plan, organize and control your learning goals is key. That is having the ability to self-regulate our own learning. In this talk, we will analyze what we learned about the characteristics that define self-regulated workers and how they behave in massive online learning environments. This analysis will allow us to better understand how we should prepare the workers of tomorrow.

To watch the seminar play the  next video:


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