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eMOOCs 2017

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, general coordinator of the MOOC-Maker project was the organizer of the most important event of MOOCs in Europe eMOOCs2017. It took place from May 22 to 26 in Madrid, Spain, in which our partners participated.

#eMOOCs2017 Dr. Carlos Delgado Kloos

The keynote speakers were Rick Levine, CEO of Coursera; Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX; Simon Nelson, CEO of FutureLearn and Carolina Jeux Conde, CEO of Telefónica Education.

Keynote speakers #eMOOCs2017

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad Galileo, Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile and Universidad del Cauca were represented by partenrs of the MOOC-Maker project presenting topics regarding MOOCs.


May 23

Rocael Hernández Ph.D representing Universidad Galileo (Guatemala) participated in the section Success Stories with MOOCs talking about  “Towards full engagement for Open Online Education. A practical experience for a MicroMaster”.

Dr. Rocael Hernández #eMOOCs2017

Eng. Mario Solarte from Universidad del Cauca (Colombia) participated in the section Learning Analytics and Assessment, with the topic “Follow-up of Learning activities in Open edX: a case study at University of Cauca”.


Mario Solarte #emoocs2017

May 24

Carlos Delgado Kloos Ph.D  from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid y Mar Pérez-Sanagustin Ph.D representing Pontificia Universidad  Católica de Chile participated in the Workshop No. 1 HybridEd: Blended Learning: Innovations in Blended Learning with MOOCs.

Dr. Carlos Delgado Kloss y Dra. Mar Pérez-Sanagustín en #eMOOCs2017

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