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eMOOCs 2017 Spanish Track

Partners of the MOOC-Maker project of the universities Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile), Universidad del Cauca (Colombia) and Universidad Panamericana (Guatemala); participated presenting research results as part of the MOOC-Maker project in the category of eMOOCs 2017 Spanish Track that was held on Friday, May 26.

Eng. Ronald Pérez from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile) presented the topic “Observatory MOOC UC: The Adoption of MOOCs in Higher Education in Latin America and Europe”

Mariela Román MSc. representing Universidad Panamericana (Guatemala) presented the topic “Quality in Open and Massive Online Courses. Literature Review 2012-2016 “.

Eng. Mario Solarte from Universidad del Cauca (Colombia) presented the results of the research “Is the traditional design of MOOCs equal to the learning preferences of students in courses with academic recognition? A case study at Universidad del Cauca”.

Conferencias en español #eMOOCs 2017

Carlos Delgado Kloos Ph.D and Carlos Alario Ph.D from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) and Rocael Hernández Ph.D from Universidad Galileo (Guatemala) participated as moderators of the plenary session “The MOOCs quickly transforming the Corporate learning environment”, in which the key speakers were Professor Armando Fox from University of Berkeley and Carolina Jeux Conde, CEO of Telefónica Digital Education.
Sesión plenario eMOOCs2017 Track en español

During the closing of this event Rocael Hernández PhD announced the international conference of MOOC-Maker to be held in Guatemala on November 16 and 17 in Guatemala, which will be attended by renowned international speakers on the subject of MOOCs.

#eMOOCs2017 Clausura

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