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MOOC-Maker and ACAI-LA projects create synergies

The MOOC-Maker project “Construction of management capacities of MOOCs in higher education” and ACAI-LA project “Adopting quality, accessibility and innovation approaches in latin american higher education” that are part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, create synergies to promote virtual education mainly in Latin America through the development of workshops.

As a first work action, both projects have agreed to give diffusion workshops within the framework of the First International Congress: Educating in the network society, realities, challenges and perspectives to be developed in Medellín, Colombia; and reciprocally a workshop to disseminate results at the International Conference MOOC-Maker will be given in the city of Antigua Guatemala.

About the workshops

The challenge that today involves the internationalization of higher education has motivated the development of these workshops whose purpose is to show the management of quality, accessibility and innovation in the curricula of Latin American and European universities.

The objective is to carry out a technological and knowledge transfer, considering the aspects related to the educational and social inclusion for all; Taking into account social diversity and social and professional needs, to improve the quality of university curricula, through the effective use of pedagogical methodologies and ICT tools.

These workshops are activities carried out under two projects funded by the European Union’s Erasmus + program, through key action 2: “Capacity building in the field of higher education”.

Workshop in Medellín,  Colombia

Event:  First International Congress: Educating in the network society, realities, challenges and perspectives

Date: October 25-27, 2017

Place: Fundación Universitaria Católica del Norte, Medellín, Colombia

Organice: Fundación Universitaria Católica del Norte


Workshop in Antigua Guatemala

Event: International Conference MOOC-Maker

Date: November 16-17, 2017

Place: City of Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Organice: Universidad Galileo


Workshop Fundamentals for creating accessible content in a MOOC.

ACAI-LA and MOOC-Maker partners

It is important to mention that both projects have partners in common such as Universidad Galileo and Universidad Panamericana (Guatemala) and Fundación Universitaria Católica Norte (Colombia).

For more information, we invite you to visit the following links:

1st. International Congress: Educating in the Society Network, realities, challenges and perspectives

International Conference MOOC-Maker

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