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New members in the MOOC-Maker cooperation network

The general objective of the MOOC-Maker cooperation network is to promote long-term sustainable cooperation, creating lasting relationships between its members, which contribute to the replication of the results obtained by the MOOC-Maker project, to promote research and the exchange of knowledge on the construction of management capacities of MOOCs in higher education (particularly in Latin America and the European Union).

We warmly welcome the 60 members who have joined the MOOC-Maker cooperation network.

New members:


  • RedCedia: Ecuadorian corporation for the development of research and academia to foster, promote and coordinate the development of scientific research and academia; and offer services related to information technologies focused on scientific, technological, innovative and educational development in Ecuador, through the Advanced Networks project.


How to join the cooperation network?


The MOOC-Maker cooperation network has an open subscription policy, so without distinction, organizations, companies or academic entities can be added to the network.

It is recommended to read:

Accession procedure for new members

Statutes of the cooperation network

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