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Visiting the recording studio of Universidad de Chile

On September 22nd, Universidad de Chile launched the MOOC “My first job” through the Coursera platform. This course is part of the MOOCs developed within the framework of the MOOC-Maker project.

This MOOC is oriented to students of last years of higher education or recent graduated who are looking for their first job and need guidance for this process, in this course they will see topics such as: my work project, the curriculum vitae, the job interview, among others.

To celebrate the start of this MOOC, Carlos Alario PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid visited the recording studio where the course took place, which was partially financed by the MOOC-Maker project.

The responsible for the technical implementation of the project is Dr. Óscar Jerez, Director and Founder of the Centro de Enseñanza y Aprendizaje, Faculty of Economics and Business of the Universidad de Chile, who showed Dr. Alario the main equipment of the study and the techniques by which MOOC contents were produced.
Estudio de Grabación Universidad de Chile

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