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4th. Plenary meeting of MOOC-Maker partners in Guatemala

On November 13 and 14 it was hold the 4th plenary meeting of MOOC-Maker partners in Guatemala.

The first day of the meeting was held at Galileo University campus, in which participated the 9 project partners.  During the meeting, the partners presented advances in equipment and infrastructure, status of the MOOC developed, deliverables, dissemination activities and publications they have made during the 2nd. Semester of the year 2017.

As next actions, partners discussed about the next meetings of the project that will be held in Lisbon and Medellin in 2018.

Additionally, representatives of Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador, Universidad de Medellín and Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras attended to the meeting as members added to the MOOC-Maker Cooperation Network.

During the meeting, the recording studios of Galileo University and Panamericana University were visited, in which the equipment for recording and production of MOOCs was presented.  It was acquired with the support of the MOOC-Maker project and the co-financing of the Erasmus+ programme.

The second day of the plenary meeting was held at the Universidad Panamericana  campus, in which partners discussed about project management issues, KPIs, work plan for 2018 and summary of tasks to be carried out by each partner.

4a. reunión plenaria de socios Guatemala

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