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Recording study of MOOCs in Universidad Galileo

On November 13, during the 1st. day of the plenary meeting of the Project MOOC-Maker.  Partners had the opportunity to know the recording studio Medialab and the equipment for production of MOOCs that Universidad Galileo has acquired with the co-financing of the Erasmus + program for the MOOC-Maker project.

During the visit to the studio, the different shots and screens that can be used during the recording of videos were shown and explained.  Professor Carla Sandoval who is part of the experts of the MicroMasters Program e-Learning: Creation of activities and contents for virtual teaching that Universidad Galileo currently teaches on the edX platform, made a small demonstration of how the videos that are used for the MOOCs of this institution are recorded.

In this recording studio, the MOOC “Design of Successful Strategies and Uncontented Actions” was produced during the month of September on the edX platform, as part of the results of the MOOC-Maker project. Participants had the opportunity to learn to generate strategies for personal success, think strategically about all areas of their lives and formulate impact strategies on a personal and professional level.
Estudio de grabación Universidad Galileo

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