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MOOC-Maker in Erasmus+ Capacity Building meeting

On 27 and 28 January 2016 in the city of Brussels, Belgium it was celebrated the project coordinators meeting for Erasmus + action of the European Union. In the event the participants were representatives of the different approved projects involved in the EACA04-2014 call. The call has received 515 proposals, in the specific case of Latin America, a total of 65 proposals were submitted of which 30% have been financed.

In representation of MOOC-Maker project,  Professor Carlos Delgado Kloos participated in the event  providing visibility to the actions of the project and establishing synergies with other projects for future collaboration.

Plenary session - project coordinators meeting

Plenary session - project coordinators meeting

José Gutiérrez Fernández (EACEA) and Carlos Delgado Kloos (MOOC-Maker)

José Gutiérrez Fernández, (Erasmus Mundus Programme Coordinator) and Carlos Delgado Kloos (MOOC-Maker project coordinator)

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